All the banks now have to offer free accounts or more accurately free from monthly charges.

Barclays, RBS, Nationwide, Santandare, TSB and Bank of Ireland offer these accounts. There are often transaction charges for Bacs and fast pay to look out for which are pretty standard.

There are features that you may find more beneficial with these  bank accounts, so only compare ones that come with what you need. This can include:

  • Internet and mobile banking. This allows for online bank statements, sending payments. Auto payments.

  • A debit card. With cash withdrawal and world wide use.

  • A branch nearby if you need to pay in cheques or cash

    The change card also offers these and payment envelopes. A payment envelope is a great way to protect you from going overdrawn. It puts all your income in a “wallet” to hold onto your money to cover your bills and savings. Whats left is the disposable income.

    The Change Account


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