How cheques work

Nowadays, there are many different payment options to choose from. The introduction of instant payments and electronic transfers has made cheques less attractive. However, cheques can still be used, and they often are, whether it is as a birthday present from your gran or for business transfers. Below, we will take a look at how […]


How bonds work

It’s no secret that loans power most big purchases such as cars, equipment, and houses. And that’s precisely what a bond really is – a loan to a business. When a government or a reputable company wants to invest more than they can afford, they typically sell bonds to raise capital for a simple reason. […]

forex trading

Forex in simple terms

Forex simply stands for ‘foreign exchange’. It provides a way for organisations and individuals to trade in currencies in the hope of making a profit. Forex isn’t complicated to understand, but it is a higher risk way to make or save money. How does Forex work? Traders buy a currency and then sell it at […]