Asset managers seek innovative ways to make money grow.

How millennials and savings apps are making asset managers wake up and smell the coffee

Michael Katchen first tasted investing at age 12 when he won a stockpicking contest. Since then, the 30-year-old Canadian technology entrepreneur who runs Wealthsimple has taken a keen interest in managing his personal portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. He recognises, however, that for his generation this is a niche hobby. Mr […]

Workers Wages Are Low

Wage Councils could address endemic pay inequality in the UK economy

The UK has an endemic low-pay culture. A new report backed by business leaders and the Archbishop of Canterbury says Britain’s economic model is “broken” and produces widespread inequality. Around 8m people in poverty now live in working households. Many workers are trapped in low-skilled, precarious jobs, with poor wages and working conditions. “Precarious work” […]