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The best ways to save money without thinking about it

Saving money can be a challenge, especially when bills seem to be ever increasing. Gas, electricity, petrol and even food prices are tending to increase above real wage increases, making saving money difficult. Given that Christmas is also sneaking up on us, now is the best time to start saving money.

However, many ordinary families may find it difficult to put aside a regular amount due to unexpected bills and rising prices. Despite this,  Overdraft has a few easily actionable tips that can help you to save money for a rainy day or special occasion without even thinking about it.

1Save your change Money Jar

Whilst this is an old tip, it really does work. Every time you make a payment for something with cash, put aside the change in a saving jar. Once this has built up, go and deposit the whole lot into your savings account. This means you will no longer have unnecessary change floating around your purse, and you know you are actively contributing to your savings with this small action.

2Create shopping listsShopping List

Instead of walking around the supermarket putting items randomly into your basket, you will find that you spend less money overall if you stick to a fixed list. There will then be no spontaneous purchases, and you will be able to resist the temptation to buy unnecessary items, as you have already written down the things you need.

3Take advantage of couponsvoucher

There are many ways to get discounts at shops. Supermarkets offer loyalty schemes, newspapers can include coupons, and there are a whole host of websites which offer voucher codes or cashback. Before making any big purchases, try and find a coupon or voucher that will save you money. Any money that you do save should be put aside in your savings pot.

4Buy the store’s own brandshopping trolley

In the vast majority of cases, there is very little difference between own brand goods and their branded counterparts. As such, by switching to own brand products, you can quickly and easily make a significant saving on your weekly shopping. Equally, own branded products are often positioned next to the branded ones, meaning you won’t even need to change the route you take around the supermarket!

richOnce you have incorporated these tips into your daily life, the amount of money that you save will soon add up. This can then be used to help your personal finances in any number of ways, from paying off your overdraft to offering additional money for your pension pot; how you decide to use your savings is completely within your hands.

Written by Andrew Shearer

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