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A business which experiences hard financial times can struggle to trade, but we believe it should never be the end of the company. All businesses have periods of trading which are tough, but there are always a variety of business finance options available.

In many situations, a quick injection of cash can cover unexpected costs or provide means to undertake a new project. Whatever your business funding requirements, companies such as Sedulo which provide business finance can help. In as little as 16 hours, it is possible to inject urgent funds into your business.

An introduction to Sedulo
Sedulo’s aim is to provide companies with reliable, high-quality and independent advice when searching for business funding. By offering honest and comprehensive advice, Sedulo raises awareness of the complete range of funding solutions available, which suit the exact requirements of the businesses in need.
Sedulo combines vast funding experience, accountancy consultative expertise and a large panel of potential funders, to provide a range of services which serve the complete needs of their clients: Secured and Unsecured Lending, Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and Property Finance.

Who can Sedulo help?
With so many options available for SME funding, it can be difficult to know exactly who could benefit from assistance. The most common financial issue businesses face is short-term cashflow problems, for which there are a variety of lending options available.
On some occasions, the financial issue is seasonal, with income reaching unpredictable high and low points. In many situations these issues are short-term, so a simple business loan or asset-backed finance solution may be ideal.
If a business has been operating at a loss for a period of time, there are still lenders available who could help. The lender may require assets to be used as security, which can present a risk if repayments are not adhered to.

How can I improve my chances of being offered finance?
If your business needs finance urgently, there are a few steps which can improve your chances. The first is keeping your accounts up-to-date, to help potential lenders understand your business. The business accounts will show exactly how you operate in the past and in the present.
The majority of lenders will require the last 6 months of bank statements, so it can help to have these ready. The majority of banks will have these available for you to download as PDF files. In addition, paperwork such as recently filed accounts and balance sheets can speed up the application process.

How does the application process work?
Sedulo understand that the majority of businesses in need of additional funding need it quickly, so they operate a 24-hour service 7 days a week.
As soon as you contact an adviser they will work closely with you to get to know the details of your business, its current situation and the ultimate goal. The team includes fully qualified accountants who will assist the advisers in creating a bespoke solution for your business, taking into account your plans, strategy and future tax and wealth management issues.
The team will then contact their vast pool of lenders to obtain funding which suits your business’s exact needs. Their brilliant relationships with a variety of lenders also enable them to access a blend of funding solutions, which will guarantee your business has everything needed to continue trading successfully.

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