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What to look for when moving home

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times. Not only do you want to find a home you’ll be happy in, but you’ll also want to make the move as cost-effective as possible. Some letting agencies and real estate agents can make this challenging, and the latest news on costs has highlighted some of the surprise expenses you could be charged for.

So, what are you looking for when moving home? Here are some aspects to consider:

Closeness to work

When you’ve already got a job, you need to move to a place that’s within a commutable distance. You’ll be looking for good transport links to ensure you aren’t making the journey too difficult or costly. The less traffic and public transport you have to use, the more money you’ll be able to save. It will also save you time – the average commuting time is approximately 54 minutes.
Lots of estate agents will focus on the distance to train stations and closeness to major road routes. However, you should also look at how busy and accessible minor roads are, and if there are good bus routes.

Local schools

All parents want a good education for their children, which is why getting into the catchment area for a good school can be challenging. Nevertheless, it should be something you look into when moving home. Don’t just look at primary schools if you’ve got young children, also look at the senior schools too.

You can visit the school to get a feel for the atmosphere. You might also want to look at Ofsted reports of the local schools. But be warned, school grades can change very quickly and sometimes it’s dependent on a specific school year, so don’t just read the latest report.

Don’t forget to also look at pre-schools if you are thinking of starting a family.


Many estate agents will tell you how close many amenities are. These often include places of natural beauty, pubs, shops and areas of interest. A lot of people now are looking to save money by walking more and using their cars less.

However, new housing estates have recently been heavily criticised for making residents overly dependent on their cars due to a lack of local amenities. These estates have no access to supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities or even places to work.

Before you start your search, decide how far you want to be from doctors, schools and shops. Also think about how close you want to be to entertainment sources, such as cinemas and restaurants. Being close enough to amenities you use regularly could really save you money.


When moving home, take the stress out of choosing your new house by finding a home that offers you a great place to live with closeness to work, good schools and great amenities. This way you can save money and enjoy life more.

Written by David Lowbridge

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