letting an apartment flat or house can generate passive income

How letting works

Are you considering renting out your home in order to make a bit of extra cash or pay off that overdraft? Can letting a property really help you make and save money? The answer is yes. But, before you take the next step, you definitely need to understand the rules of the game. For instance, […]

PPI is a form of security for repaying a loan . Gold bars could be used as security in other transactions.
Credit & Debit Cards

What is PPI?

It’s likely you’ve seen the adverts, taken cold calls, read money blogs or received emails about PPI, and the dangers of not claiming compensation if you’ve been mis-sold it. PPI is a contentious issue and can be difficult to decipher amongst the legal jargon that many companies are using. What is PPI? PPI, or Payment […]

annuities can build up your wealth

Annuities Simplified

An annuity is really just a cross between an investment and an insurance product. The idea is that you invest a sum of money in another organisation like a charity or insurance company. You won’t get your original investment back, but in return they guarantee to pay you a higher return than you might get […]