How cheques work

Nowadays, there are many different payment options to choose from. The introduction of instant payments and electronic transfers has made cheques less attractive. However, cheques can still be used, and they often are, whether it is as a birthday present from your gran or for business transfers. Below, we will take a look at how […]

opening a bank account

How to open a bank account

Applying for a bank account, whether in person or online, is generally quite straightforward. If you’re opening your first account with the bank you’ll need your name, contact details, address details for the previous three years, and (depending on your bank account provider) proof of your nationality and current address. Switching bank accounts can be […]


5.8m Britons excluded from mainstream finance

Almost 6m people in the UK are “invisible” to the financial system, causing them to be excluded from mainstream financial products and services, a new report has found. Analysis of user data by Experian, a credit reference agency, revealed that 5.8m people in the UK have little or no financial information linked to them. These […]